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Free Printable Pregnancy Journal Prompts

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Looking for some pregnancy journal prompts to inspire you on what to remember about your pregnancy?

I’ve got you covered!

I am currently 25 weeks pregnant with my second baby and let me tell you, focusing on pregnancy #2 when you already have your hands full with a toddler is hard!

I used to spend hours after work rubbing my tummy and feeling for little kicks, reading baby books and writing my thoughts down while daydreaming about names with my firstborn…

For baby number two? Ha. 


I want to be intentional in my third trimester.  But the truth is, most days I have ZERO brain juice left by the time I have a few moments alone.

I’m not being too hard on myself. It’s fine that I haven’t had as much time or energy.

But I also know it will bring me so much joy to have some special reflections written down to remember and share about this time – so I came up with my own solution and I’m sharing it with you today!

Easy DIY Pregnancy Journal Tutorial plus Free Printable Pregnancy Journal Prompts

I put a lot of thought into these pregnancy journal prompts to make sure they capture a lot while still staying whimsical and low-maintenance.

Use them to fill up your journal pages as you go or (like me) if you find yourself nearing the end of your pregnancy and haven’t done a thing yet – sit down with a hot cup of herbal coffee and bust it all out at once to make sure you get some of those precious memories saved!

Whether it’s your first pregnancy or fifth, these prompts are the perfect way to easily remember the most important memories of the special time that is pregnancy.

Bonus: Add a journal and they also make really sweet and unique DIY baby shower gifts!

DIY Pregnancy Journal Instructions

Starting with a Blank Journal

The intent for my pregnancy journal is to eventually give it to my daughter and include it in her baby memory box. So I like to start with a blank journal and the way I like to write my answers to the prompts are very story-like and even sometimes little notes written directly to baby.

While I will hang onto it myself and enjoy it for awhile, I’m truly making a conscious effort on recording these memories so I can leave my kiddos with them. I just love the idea of them having these little love letters from before they were born!

If you like this idea you can start with any medium-sized blank journal you like. (I love everything from Rifle Paper Co. I used these floral ones!)

Free Printable Pregnancy Journal Prompts

Secondly, print the Pregnancy Journal Prompts here. (Pin the image for later if needed.)

Free Printable Pregnancy Journal Prompts and Tutorial!

Note: The prompts take up a full page. You may need to select “scale image to fit page” when printing, print at 90 percent scale, or print over the margins to ensure it comes out evenly, depending on your printer and settings. There are two pages.

If you have cardstock you can also print them on that for an even nicer quality and to make the prompts more durable.

Here are the 20 questions:

  1. What signs pointed you to taking a pregnancy test? How did you react when it came back positive?
  2. What were your family and friend’s reactions to the news?
  3. What have your food cravings been like during pregnancy?
  4. How have you felt physically throughout the pregnancy?
  5. Have you had any vivid, bizarre, or funny pregnancy dreams?
  6. How do you feel hearing baby’s heartbeat on the monitor?
  7. What song(s) or music best reflect this time or do you have a special pregnancy “song”?
  8. What are you most proud of yourself for so far this pregnancy?
  9. Did you decide to find out baby’s gender or wait, and why? If finding out, was your guess right?
  10. Describe the process of choosing baby’s name.
  11. What are the best and worst things about this pregnancy so far?
  12. What are you and your partner’s biggest concerns? Biggest excitements?
  13. Do you have a birth plan? Share what you are hoping for in the birthing process.
  14. Has baby traveled or taken any trips in utero? Where have they gone?
  15. What is your biggest or most special baby gear item received or purchased for baby to date?
  16. Do you have any guesses about which features baby will inherit from Mom/Dad? Guesses about personality?
  17. How does it feel waiting for your baby to come? (Baby can’t come soon enough or more time, please?)
  18. What has been your go-to clothing or outfit during pregnancy?
  19. Have you been “nesting?” What things has your family been doing around the house to prepare for baby.
  20. If not your first baby, what advice would you give yourself this time around? Or, what is the best advice you have received?

At this point, you can simply keep the prompts paper folded inside the journal and start using it, or you can get as creative as you want with displaying the prompts!

Especially if giving as a gift, I love to take a few extra steps to make it special. If you cut the prompts out individually, you can attach them to the top of individual pages. (This looks really cute if using a journal with unlined paper.)

Or another way (my personal favorite) to use the prompts is to cut them out individually, put them into a cute envelope, and attach the envelope to the back page of the journal to be pulled out and used when some inspiration is needed.

Once you’ve got the prompts you’re all set! I hope you enjoy these pregnancy journal prompts and soak up all of that bun-in-the-oven magic.

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