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DYPER Review 2020: A Parent’s Guide To DYPER

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Hey, friends! It’s been a year since we have been using (and LOVING!) the company DYPER’s subscription service so I thought it would be a good time to share a full DYPER review on the blog.

I really love them and I can’t wait to highlight some of the amazing features of not only their amazing dyper subscription, but to celebrate some of the great values this parent owned-and-operated company represents.

But before I jump in I want to make sure you know about the amazing promo offers currently being offered to NEW SUBSCRIBERS below if you want to try them out!

New subscribers can get their choice of a free diaper bag, a free wireless diaper SENSE device, a free baby carrier, or a free diaper caddy with their first order.

(I love our diaper bag!)

Honestly, you can’t go wrong with trying them out.

Now, let’s get to it!

How I Discovered DYPER

I discovered DYPER exactly how you would expect a stay at home mom to; on Facebook.

I’d seen their ads floating around for a while and was hearing great things about how soft their bamboo diapers were and was curious to try them.

And let’s be real. I have always been a sucker for a good promo. (And they are SLAYING the promo game y’all.)

So, pretty soon I caved and signed up. Excited for my new diaper bag and skeptical about the fancy diapers, I was pleasantly surprised when my first order arrived a few days later.

How DYPER Won Me Over

The timing of getting my first box was perfect as my baby shower diaper stockpile had just run out. As this is our second baby I can honestly say we have tried dozens of diaper brands and gone through thousands of diapers.

The DYPER diapers we received were easily the highest quality disposable diapers we have come across yet. (And oh-so-buttery soft! Like those lularoe leggings but for baby bums.)

My two year old even saw me running my cheek along the lining of one and she immediately wanted to put it on. I was a little concerned because they were size 3’s and she usually wears a 4 or 5, but I let her wear it and it held a TON of fluid and didn’t leak at all.

Technically I think they are a “medium” and are recommended for 13 to 22 pounds. Thus, my chunky five month old and skinny two year old can both wear them right now. Score, haha.

I think baby was also pretty thrilled to have her buns caressed by the dypers.

I Did My DYPER Research

Now I wanted to know more. After poking around their website I was impressed with their company’s values and mission.

And this is when I discovered that all softness and comfort aside, this company is the real deal, gets what it is like to be busy parents, and is doing their part to care for the environment.

Here are some amazing features that sets DYPER apart from other companies and has made me fall in love with them:

DYPER Subscription Highlights

  • DYPER diapers are free of all the bad stuff with no chlorine, prints, perfumes, or alcohol and are made with responsibly sourced bamboo.
  • Super customizable subscription plan. Get diapers delivered anywhere from every 2-12 weeks. (I recommend starting at every 5-6 weeks.)
  • Eco-friendly. Diapers can be composted at home or through their unique REDYPER program.
  • For every shipment of diapers you purchase, DYPER purchases carbon offsets supporting the Alto May reforestation project.
  • Active military, fire, police & EMT’s save an extra 10%.
  • Unique SOS feature. Get an extra pack of diapers rushed to you in case of an emergency!
SOS Dyper Package Dyper Review
When you run out out of diapers but DYPER has your back with their SOS service.

More faqs in my DYPER review on YouTube

Want to know even more? I share a little more in-depth about all these feature on my Youtube review, here.


There’s obviously a ton of pros to this company but are there any cons?

Well, at this time I would say that the biggest drawback is that wipes are not included in the DYPER bundle. I hope they change this in the future as their company grows, because it’s a significant amount of money to spend to have to go and spend more on wipes.

However, if you stick with DYPER and stay on their email list they will frequently send out special sales and offers to the bamboo-bum family and I have found this to make my purchases more affordable.


Since I have used both Honest and DYPER my friends occasionally ask which I would recommend between the two. In my opinion Dyper is hands-down the better choice.

Though they offer a similar service and their diapers also have nothing bad in them, I have just found Honest’s diapers to be totally stiff and uncomfortable.

At the end of the day I believe Dyper has a better product, a more fun and unique brand, and is just more proactive as a company about their impact on the environment, which is awesome. So for anyone thinking about choosing between the two hopefully that helps!

DYPER Review Conclusion

DYPER totally gets what it is to be a busy parent. They have amazing customer service….and they definitely have a new superfan here! I highly recommend DYPER if you are looking for a soft, eco-friendly diaper option. They are seriously great.

Oh, and don’t forget to snag one of their amazing BONUSES just for giving them a try!

Why, yes! I’d love a free diaper bag, a free wireless diaper SENSE device, a free baby carrier, or a free diaper caddy with my first shipment of incredibly soft, bamboo diapers.

I hope you enjoyed this DYPER review and learned something new about a cool company. I think you’ll really love them!

Psst…so you like freebies? Read my post about The Imagination Library to learn how to get free books in the mail every month!

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    Cathy |
    01/14/2020 at 8:51 am

    Really appreciate your honest review about Dyper. I’ve ordered their sample pack to try them out first. Thanks!

    • Reply
      Jenny Hartley
      01/18/2020 at 4:43 pm

      Thanks Cathy! I’m so glad you found my Dyper review helpful and that you get the chance to try them out!

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