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12 Empowering Birth Mantras for Labor

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Birth mantras, like birth affirmations, are an amazing tool to help you in labor. While birth affirmations can be anything from inspirational quotes to beautiful visual art, birth mantras for labor are specifically short phrases or words designed to be repeated frequently to aid in your concentration during birth.

I like these mantras for labor because they are simple, easy to remember, and powerful! The power our words and minds have over our physical bodies is huge, and it will make such a huge impact while you are in labor if you have prepared with some positive and empowering birth mantras!

Who are Birth Mantras For?

Birth mantras are for everyone! Do you need to be planning for a natural birth for them to be helpful? Definitely not. Will they come in handy if you are? Oh yes!!! What about a planned C-section? Well I haven’t personally experienced one, but I know facing anxiety is not uncommon and a simple mantra such as “I push away fear. I welcome calm.” would likely be very helpful to meditate on as your prepare for the birth day of your baby.

How to Use Mantras For Labor

The point of the birth mantras is to use them as an exercise to train your brain BEFORE you are in labor to help you cope with the physcial stress when the time comes.

I recommend choosing a few of the mantras from the list below that really resonate with you, and then incorporating them into your daily life in the few weeks leading up to birth. You can easily meditate on them while you:

  • Drink your coffee in the morning
  • When you brush your teeth
  • While you are going to the bathroom (sounds funny but this is actually SO helpful!)
  • While in the shower
  • While driving
  • While doing dishes etc.
P.S. If you are into guided meditation at all I highly recommend Rachel Yellin’s “Yes To Birth” Audio Relaxation Program. It’s AH-mazing to listen to throughout your whole pregnancy. She really helps reduce anxiety-related sleep issues. Plus the pregnancy and birth tracks in particular are an amazing way to prepare for actual labor.

Free Printable Birth Mantra Cards

Here are 12 simple birth mantras I love! Feel free to use or customize them for your birth journey. Or, of course, feel free to use them for inspiration to write your own.

  1. One contraction at a time.
  2. I am brave. I am strong.
  3. I relax and I release.
  4. There is nothing to fear.
  5. Breathe. Breathe. Breathe.
  6. I was made to do this.
  7. I CAN get through this.
  8. I am doing amazing.
  9. This pain is WORKING.
  10. I can do this.
  11. Breathe in calm. Breathe out tension.
  12. Release. Release. Release.

And if, like me, you benefit from having something physical in your hand then you are welcome to grab my FREE PRINTABLE BIRTH MANTRA CARDS below! Simply click to download. (Or save it to Pinterest for later!)

I hope you enjoy these simple and uplifting birth mantras for labor and that they are helpful to you when it comes time to bring your sweet baby into the world.

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