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The Best Coffee Alternatives for Pregnancy & Postpartum

There was a time I really felt like I couldn’t survive mom life without the caffeine in my morning cup of coffee. This was, of course, before I learned about the amazing coffee alternatives for pregnancy that I didn’t know existed.

I was pregnant, tired, and had quit coffee cold turkey but was craving the comfort of a hot latte and something to give me energy when I first stumbled upon one of my favorite herbal coffee brands – Teecino.

I was hooked! It was fast, easy and oh-so-delicious. And I really wanted to decrease my caffeine intake during pregnancy so it was a win-win as far as I was concerned.

Three years later I am breastfeeding my second child and still enjoying coffee alternatives on a regular basis. Here are my favorite coffee alternatives for pregnancy and postpartum!

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links for products I love, which means I may receive a commission from any purchases made from links on this page. This site is not to be taken as medical advice. Consult with your doctor if you have any questions regarding coffee alternatives for pregnancy. See disclosure for more information. 

Herbal Coffee

I totally didn’t even know herbal coffee existed before I was pregnant, and it’s actually quite tasty. If you are ready to give up caffeine but not the taste of coffee, an herbal coffee blend is for you!

I’d say it’s very similar to an herbal tea, but with the taste, body and texture of coffee because of the herbs and minerals used to make it. You really can’t go wrong. I highly recommend making the leap if you are pregnant!

Since I first started drinking it a few years ago I’ve tried several yummy brands, and now there are even more amazing options you can find right on Amazon.

Please note, some sources recommend avoiding chicory during pregnancy. Please consult with your physician if you have any questions or concerns about trying herbal coffee with chicory ingredients during pregnancy. If this is a concern for you, the last two options would be great for pregnancy while all of the options would be wonderful for breastfeeding!

1. Rasa Koffee

Rasa is one of my favorites because it offers the functional benefit of adaptogens – herbs that help your body adapt to stress.

RASA Original – Adaptogenic Mushroom Coffee Alternative | Vegan, Keto, Whole 30, Ayurveda Wellness...
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2. Teecino

Teecino is probably the most dedicated to offering a wide variety of true-coffee tasting products and flavors that can be made just like coffee in your coffee pot, french press etc. My favorites are french roast, caramel nut, and almond amaretto and it really makes me feel like I’m not missing out on my coffee at all when I drink a hot cup in the morning.

They have a sampler that is the perfect place to start if you are brand new to herbal coffee.

3. Dandy Blend

Dandy Blend is a great budget-friendly blend. While not quite as rich in flavor, it’s soothing and super convenient! It dissolves instantly in hot water for when you are on the go or want a cup fast.

25 Individual Servings of Original Dandy Blend Instant Herbal Beverage with Dandelion, 2.5 oz Box
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  • Tested to be gluten-free since gluten is removed from the water extract used to create Dandy Blend. Kosher, Vegan,...
  • Dandy Blend has been bringing the benefits of dandelion and chicory root to our customers for over 30 years.

4. Coffig

Coffig is a great dark brew coffee alternative. I love the clean one-ingredient list: roasted figs! This is not an instant beverage such as Dandy Blend but if you are willing to let a drink steep for a bit, like figs, and clean ingredient lists then be sure to check out Coffig.

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5. Mommee Coffee

Okay, technically I’m cheating with this one because Mommee Coffee is actually coffee. But they have a great product and unique company mission to cater to the needs of pregnant and lactating women, which is why they use a unique water-processing system to lower the amount of caffeine in their beans without any added chemicals – safe for mom and baby!

Mommee Coffee - Half Caff, Low Acid Coffee | Whole Bean, Organic | Fair Trade, Water Processed -...
  • Half Caff - A small boost of caffeine for when you just need a little support
  • Designed for Moms - Guilt-free coffee for all stages of motherhood: trying to conceive, pregnancy, breastfeeding and beyond
  • Low Acid - Easier on your more-sensitive-than-usual stomach and your more-taxed-than-usual bones
  • Organic & Water-Processed - No harmful chemicals are used in our growing and decaffeination processes
  • Fair Trade Certified - Because we care about the health of your babies and the world they will grow up in

Matcha Green Tea

If you would still like a little bit of caffeine in the morning, but about half the amount of coffee, matcha green tea is another great alternative for you!

It has powerful antioxidants, and according to Matchasecrets.com, “the caffeine in matcha takes up to six hours to be absorbed, so matcha drinkers remain mildly energized for a few hours before the effects gradually fade. Therefore, many people buy matcha instead of coffee because it just causes a calm feeling of alertness and awareness instead of a spike of energy.”

Matcha Green Tea Powder Organic - Japanese Premium Culinary Grade, Unsweetened & Sugar Free - USDA &...
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Matcha Green Tea Latte

To make a matcha green tea latte, simply whisk 1 teaspoon of Matcha Green Tea Powder with a little hot water, and stir into your favorite hot, frothy milk for a delicious, easy latte. Yummy extras to try are vanilla, stevia, agave, cinnamon, and coconut oil.

I personally love to make them with soymilk, and I use a simple handheld electric milk frother like this one to get that amazing frothy consistency.

At 27 weeks pregnant this is totaly hitting the spot in the morning for me.

Herbal Tea

If you aren’t insistent on drinking a latte and are open to tea, there are some wonderful, herbal tea blends to support all stages of pregnancy and breastfeeding!

You can get some amazing health benefits from simply switching over to tea, or you can replace your afternoon coffee or soda with a cup of tea for the same benefit.

A great place to start is this Birds and Beas Tea Sampler Pack for Expecting Mothers. It’s a high-quality loose leaf tea and comes with a wide-rimmed strainer to make it easy to prepare.

Birds & Bees Teas - Pregnancy Tea Organic Sampler Set, Perfect Pregnancy Gift for Women and Pregnant...
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Can I Have Coffee If I’m Pregnant?

The short answer is yes. We know that small amounts are technically considered safe for pregnant or breastfeeding mamas, however, babies can be very sensitive to caffeine. And let’s face it, coffee is loaded with caffeine! Like it or not, caffeine does pass into our bloodstream and breastmilk just like anything else we ingest.

Secondly, coffee is highly acidic. For pregnant mamas already more susceptible to acid reflux, it may be a good idea to opt for something more gentle.

Finally, caffeine intake is directly related to our ability to sleep and get quality sleep. Too much caffeine intake can perpetuate the brutal cycle of exhaustion pregnant and new moms are already dealing with.

So while a little coffee won’t hurt, I definitely recommend switching to a coffee substitute during pregnancy or at least cutting back if you are a coffee-aholic.

Coffee Replacements For Pregnancy Make It Easy

If you are considering finding an alternative to coffee to try while pregnant I definitely recommend giving one of these options a try! They are all delicious and make the transition to drinking less caffeine WAY easier.

Good luck on cutting back your caffeine, and cheers to trying some healthy coffee alternatives!

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    I was looking into coffee alternatives, but couldn’t find many without chicory. So I was very excited to find your list. But then I saw that there’s quite a few with chicory as an ingredient, which I was told to avoid during pregnancy.

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      Jenny Hartley
      02/03/2021 at 10:00 pm

      Hi, Calla! The coffee alternatives I have included that contain chicory generally all have statements on their websites that say that chicory is safe for pregnancy and breastfeeding. However, it’s always a good idea to check with your doctor before making a decision!

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      I also saw that – many sources say chicory is discouraged during pregnancy due to risky side effects like strong uterine contractions and menstrual bleeding that can lead to miscarriage.

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        Thanks for sharing! I will add a note about that to the article in addition to the reminder to always consult your doctor.

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