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Create-A-Soup From Anything Cheat Sheet

Stuck at home with a hodge podge of pantry items and canned goods wondering what to make for dinner? I’ve got you covered!

Soup has got to be one of the most underrated dinner items for non-recipe following gals like myself. It’s literally a choose-your-own adventure every single time I make soup…and it always turns out delicious!

My husband gets upset that I don’t write down the exact combinations sometimes when he really loves a particular batch. But to me a little part of the beauty and fun of soup is that it IS just a little different every time!

I also understand now as a mom to two feeding a family every night why my own Mother could never provide me with the exact recipes for the soups I loved from my childhood. Why waste time following a detailed recipe and dirtying perfectly clean measuring utensils when you can just add a shake of this and that and make the magic happen?

(Don’t get me wrong recipes are important for some meals and wonderful…just not always worth the extra time for soup in my humble opinion!)

Ready to get started? Below you will find my FREE PRINTABLE Create-A-Soup guide just for you! It details the entire process of creating a soup from scratch using basic pantry items you keep on hand. (Quarantine, anyone?)

I personally love to keep a printed copy on my fridge for quick dinner inspiration and to hold myself accountable to looking over before ordering unnecessary takeout. “Do I have beans, rice, bouillon, frozen vegetables etc? Well I can make soup!” No excuses.

Click right here to download, print and enjoy the PDF version! Or you can pin the image below to Pinteret to save for later.


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Your turn! Did you try this? How did it turn out for you?? Let me know your favorite kinds of soup to make in the comments!

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