Use this method to safely and easily shower with your young toddler!
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Easy Co-Showering Tips For Busy Mamas

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Parents take showers and baths with their kids all the time. Often out of the sheer necessity of being home alone with kids and not having the time or a better way to get everyone clean at once.

For me, right around 14 months my daughter decided to go on a bath strike. It was like the exorcism of Emily Rose going down in there.

At the same time, she went from taking two naps in the morning and afternoon, to one in the early afternoon, preventing me from easily sneaking in any showers in the morning by myself. I knew I had to figure something out, even if it were a temporary solution.

That’s when I decided it was time to start showering with my toddler.

I quickly learned through trial and error some tricks for making the whole process go as smoothly as possible, as well as some things that definitely didn’t work.

So now I’m sharing my best tips for showering with your toddler (in case you ever have to)!

Use this simple parenting hack to shower with your toddler when you are a busy mom on the go and can't do bathtime!

Use a Handheld Shower Head

This is numero uno for a reason! My toddler and I’s first shower together was horrible because she was terrified of the stream of water unless I picked her up, which made it pretty impossible to wash (not to mention very slippery and unsafe.)

To her credit, I wouldn’t like someone essentially dumping buckets of water on me from on top of a skyscraper either.

This handheld shower head was a game-changer for us.  I love this particular one because unlike a lot of shower heads designed for adults, it’s NOT super high-pressure, and it has a long tangle-free hose, which makes it perfect for kids and pets. Hazel actually enjoys playing with the stream of water now and is no longer scared of the shower, which is HUGE.

I leave the nozzle down for the duration of the shower and just pick it up for rinsing off or hold it at waist level if she is enjoying playing in the water.  

Yes, when we shower together I miss that scalding hot water aimed right on my tight neck muscles the whole time, but the trade-off is definitely worth it for us right now.

Of course, we don’t always shower together! If I’m not on the go or she just needs a bath in the evening she just takes a baby shower by herself now that she is so in love with the concept.

But it’s great to do together now when needed!

Use a Booster Seat On The Floor

We have a tub/shower combo, so I have enough room to place her portable booster seat on the floor in the tub when we shower together for a perfect little waterproof baby seat and shower reading nook.  

Not to brag, because I don’t always have a lot of brilliant moments as a parent, but this was genius in introducing the shower to her and making her feel relaxed.

She’s already familiar with and loves her booster seat and providing her with her own “spot” in the shower makes her so happy.  She sits there and reads this Munchkin Soapy Stories book while I wash my hair. We love this one because it has a little finger puppet that makes it fun to both read AND play with.

This tip could actually work very well in the bathtub, too! Especially if you have a kiddo who loves to sit and look at their books.

Utilize Distractions

Besides our favorite bath books, these Munchkin Fishin’ Bath Toys are her favorite to play with while in the shower.  We reserve them as special toys for the shower only and make a big deal about it so she gets really excited to play with them at shower time.  

And when she’s done with her toys and book then honestly giving her a washcloth to help me “clean” the shower wall while we’re in there is something she really enjoys. 

That’s what I like to call a win-win. 

Be Safe

One of my biggest concerns after our first shower was being safe and preventing falls.  My main recommendation for safety goes back to doing what you can to avoid putting yourself in the situation where you are forced to hold your slippery toddler in the shower.  

Using the handheld showerhead and providing them with a designated “spot” with toys and distractions are really my two biggest encouragements.  

On top of that, it’s a good idea to get a good non-slip shower mat if you don’t currently have one.

Have Everything Ready

Last but not least, having everything ready to go before your shower will make it a lot easier for you! That means double-checking to make sure your towels, toys, clean washcloths, booster, shampoo and anything else you need for the shower is in there beforehand. Sidenote: This is our absolutely favorite all-natural, scrumptious-smelling, crunchy baby shampoo!

And secondly, having your clothes laid out for you and your toddler before your shower can also be a really great way to save time. While not necessary, I have personally found it super helpful when we are trying to get out of the house to have as much ready before our shower as possible.

So there you have it! I hope these tips can help you have a great experience showering with your toddler and make getting everyone clean a breeze!

Do you shower with your kiddos? Have any other tips that moms must know about? Let me know below!

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