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How to Meal Plan for Free with the Cozi App

I recently stumbled upon an amazing new app called Cozi and was in love at first realization that I could use it to meal plan for free!

If you’ve never heard of Cozi, it’s a free all in one family organizer that keeps all of your activities, shopping lists, appointments etc. in one location. This is pretty great in and of itself, and for a girl who is addicted to her paper calendar, I find it super easy to use.

But that’s not even my favorite part. My favorite part is the Recipe box!

You can browse through a ton of recipes and transfer ingredients to your grocery list with the click of a button. I pair this with ordering my groceries online and I can take care of dinners for my family for a week in under 30 minutes. Incredible!

I have actually tried other similar meal planning programs that costed money and I didn’t like as much as this. So I highly recommend checking it out! You can sign up for a free Cozi account here.

Heads up – as a Cozi affiliate I may receive a small commission if you sign up through my link, so if you love this tutorial I’d love it if you’d consider signing up through my link at the end of this post!

Here is how to use Cozi to meal plan for free:

1. Sign up for a free Cozi account. 

You can download the app if desired or sign right into Cozi from your computer. Sign up now. Today I’m showing you what meal planning looks like from the app.

Cozi App Homescreen

2. Click on Recipes in the bottom right corner of your home screen.

Cozi App Menu

3. Browse Recipes

Browse recipes on the Cozi App

4. Select recipes to add to your recipe box

Add to recipe box

5. Add the ingredients to your grocery list.

6. Optional extra step

Voila! Everything you need is saved to your shopping list! If you want to, you can easily remove any pantry staples or ingredients you already have from the shopping list by tapping the delete button. Or if you are the one doing the shopping you can skip this step if you want as you will know if you already have something on hand.

7. Prepare your meals and enjoy!

The shopping lists are interactive so you can check an item off your list once you’ve added it to your cart, whether ordering online or at the store.

Simply open your recipe box for your saved recipes and directions when you are ready to cook dinner.

That’s it!

I love using Cozi to meal plan for free! I hope you enjoy using it to discover and find some yummy new recipes to whip up for your family.

What are you waiting for? Sign up and get started!


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