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How to Organize Pumping Supplies

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Of the biggest rookie mistakes I made when first pumping at work, getting this organized pumping station set up at home was not one! I just love it.

Today I’m sharing my simple system to organize pumping supplies so that you can create an easy breast pump station at home.

I have a lot of supplies because I own two pumps – one for home and one for work. This system really helps me keep everything organized and ready to use!

I wasted so much time chaotically digging through drawers and my pump bag before I started doing this and really wish I would have set it up way earlier with my first kiddo. If you are someone who pumps even 2-3 times per week then I would HIGHLY recommend you organize pumping supplies in your kitchen to save yourself a massive headache.

It’s so easy to clean, store and grab my parts when I need them now and with this system even my husband can quickly find what I need or help me wash and put pump parts away. Woohoo!

Organized Pumping Supplies

Are you ready for the secret? Good old Sterilite storage drawers are perfect for storing breastpump parts!

While it might depend somewhat on the type of pump you use and the size of your parts, pieces and number of accessories it uses, I’ve found that these mini storage drawers are absolutely amazing for organizing pumping supplies and are compact enough to fit on a kitchen counter.

For my Medela Pump In Style Advanced, I’ve found two sizes that work perfectly together to hold and organize everything; this specific Sterilite 3 drawer organizer, and this Sterilite 5 drawer organizer.

The picture below shows how I’ve organized my parts according to what works best for me. Of course, you can and should organize it how you like!

More Handy Tips

  • I also keep clean pacifiers in the drawer with extra nipples, which is easy to do as I dry them on this boon grass drying rack which I store on top of the larger Sterilite drawer. (It fits perfectly).
  • I keep a black sharpie in the bottom drawer with the milk storage bags so I always have it right there when I need to label my milk. This is so nice I can’t even tell you!
  • Extra replacement membrane packs are in with the valves as well which is a helpful reminder for me to replace them often.

Using Your Pump Station

I’ve seen a lot of pins on Pinterest lately of cute three tiered rolling carts devoted to being a pumping station, and while I think it’s a neat idea I personally don’t have the space or desire to keep that in any room in my home. But if you do I think they are another great option!

For me, it makes the most sense to me to keep pumping supplies organized right by the sink in the kitchen or pantry, where you can quickly put them away and store them discreetly in drawers after cleaning. Just carry what you need to the chair you sit in to pump and keep your pump bag and hands-free bra there!

Finally, my other favorite tip is to keep a seperate cheap dishpan for washing your pump parts, rather than using your sink. As soon as you’re done pumping, you can wash your parts quickly in the dishpan. It’s faster, uses less water, and is more sanitary. You can use any dish soap, but I especially love this plant-based bottle soap for it’s extra ability to remove milk film which builds up over time.

(I’d use the dishpan method at work for washing everything once thoroughly at the end of the work day as well. Then I’d simply use the Medela quick-clean wipes between pumping sessions at work to save time.)

P.S. If you are at all worried about your pumping routine with going back to work, I do recommend checking out this online pumping masterclass from Milkology so that you have a game plan going into it. Having all the logistics down is half the battle and can REALLY help you stick with your plan when the rubber meets the road.

I hope you love these tips and that you can find a new and improved way to organize pumping supplies at home to save you time!

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