new mom preparing baby for nap in nursery

Preparing For Baby

Hey, mama! A little birdy told me you are going to have a baby. Congratulations! Though not without its challenges, I truly believe with all my heart that motherhood is a gift.

Even though it’s impossible for anyone to be fully prepared to become a parent, there are tons of things you CAN to do to prepare for your sweet baby. Here are some ideas to get you started!

Document Your Pregnancy

A great way to do this is to grab my free printable pregnancy journal prompts! They are fun and whimsical but cover all the good stuff you will want to remember. Some moms love to keep an actual journal and some even like to use them for caption inspiration to document their bump on social media. They are also fun to answer with your partner!

Notebook with pregnancy journal prompts on table

Grab Your Baby Freebies

Don’t miss out on a ton of free goodies! Learn exactly how to save hundreds of dollars on baby gear and score amazing free samples in this ultimate guide to baby deals.

free baby samples pile

Start Thinking About Birth

Kopa Birth has a nice list of 7 free online birthing classes that you can check out! (I really like free stuff in case you couldn’t tell!) Plus, I have 12 free printable birth affirmation cards for you to grab too! In my opinion, it’s never to early to start memorizing some empowering birth mantras for labor.

newborn and her mother

Help Your Partner Prepare

My husband put together a really practical list of 10 ways for guys to prepare for fatherhood that’s a really great, quick read for dads-to-be. Feel free to check it out and share with your man, if helpful!

new parents holding baby while mother breastfeeds

Take An Online Breastfeeding Course

Here are 14 amazing FREE classes you can take right at home in your jammies!

Prep Your Postpartum Care Kit

Yes, you need one. But the good news is it’s not as intimidating as it sounds! Plus, if you are planning to give birth at the hospital, here’s my complete list of what to buy and what to take home from the hospital to save even more money!

postpartum care kit on toilet filled with pads and peri bottles

Of course these are JUST A FEW tiny parts of the journey of preparing for baby. But I hope you’ve gotten some fun ideas and helpful info to get you started! Feel free to bookmark this page and check back because I am always adding new resources for pregnancy!