A Song For Mothers In Waiting

A Song for Mothers in Waiting

Tonight I tucked my baby in.  As I kissed her little forehead goodnight I was overcome with a wave of grief.  

My dear friend just had a miscarriage.  

And I know there aren’t adequate words to describe the grief and pain of a mother losing a child.  I can’t even imagine.

But I think The Civil Wars’ “To Whom It May Concern” might come close.  

The song every mother in waiting and every mother who has had a miscarriage or suffered the loss of a child will relate perfectly to.

It was written from the perspective of a man or woman looking forward to meeting their future soulmate.  But you see, the words express the longing of something yet to come. And even more, I think they express perfectly the heart of a mother yearning to meet her child the most.

Any woman who has experienced the desire to be a mother will relate deeply to this song, whatever season they are in.

The mother trying to conceive.

Why are you so far from me? In my arms is where you ought to be.”

The mother going through the adoption process.

“Slowly counting down the days, til I finally know your name.”

The mother who lost an unborn child.

“I’ve missed you, but I haven’t met you. Oh, but I want to…”

The pregnant mother anxiously anticipating the birth of her child.

“How long will you make me wait? I don’t know how much more I can take.”

To each and every woman with the desire to be a mother, I believe this song will meet you where you are at.

And if you need to grieve, I hope this music will help you do that too.

And to my dear friend, I know you will go on missing your baby until the day you are reunited. I understand that it can’t be any other way.  

The song every mother in waiting needs to hear! If you are a pregnant or expecting mama, or have suffered the loss of a child, this song will relate to you.

But please know, you are not alone. You are surrounded by love on all sides of you.  You are more courageous and strong than you’ll ever know. And the world will continue to be a better place by having your beautiful, nurturing heart in it.

The Song Every Mother Needs To Hear

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