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10 Baby Registry Items You Probably Haven’t Thought of Yet

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We all know that the baby registry checklists provided by stores these days are designed to make money and so they recommend every baby product in the world ever invented be added to your registry.

I suggest really thinking about your lifestyle when you are pregnant and try to just register for the things you are fairly confident you will use.

I get that it’s really hard as a first time parent to know exactly what you will need so just go with what you feel you will MOST LIKELY use and do your best! 🙂

To be clear, I am all for baby registries! I love them for so many reasons. One being the great perks that come with signing up these days; usually a welcome or goodie box, baby registry cards, and my personal favorite, the registry completion discount.

The fact that you can get an additional discount on baby (or household) items you were going to spend money on anyways is phenomenal!

If I would have known that within my baby’s first year I would have ended up purchasing the following items I SO would have added them to my registry to get that discount!

I regret how much I could have saved by not taking advantage of that with some of these things.

Again, based on your lifestyle, not all suggestions will apply to you. But I bet there are some things that you haven’t thought of yet.

Don’t be like me. Get these ten unique baby registry items you haven’t thought of yet for a bargain by planning ahead!

1. Hiking Carrier

My husband and I love to hike in the summer! Our Ergobaby carrier worked great for small walks and hikes until our baby was around six months old and then we were so happy we got a Gorilla hiking carrier after that point. She loves the higher perch and it is super comfortable.

If you are a nature person at all, consider adding a hiking carrier to your registry as you will get tons of use out of it down the road! Also, Gorilla’s are really affordable for hiking carriers!

2. Baby Furniture

One of Hazel’s most prized possessions in this life is her little armchair in her reading nook. She got it for a birthday gift when she turned one year old and knew from the second she saw it just what to do. This is a great chair that is going to last us a long time. 

3. Super Yard

OMG this Super Yard is amazing! We used it way more than the pack-n-play (although that’s still great for sleeping!) While it definitely provides a safe outdoor space for us to have kiddos playing when camping or outside etc., it is just as helpful to use indoors. We just set it up in the living room and the extra space triples the time our girl will happily play in it. (And more play yard time equals more time for Mom to get stuff done!)

*I’ve also witnessed it being especially helpful when a baby has older siblings and needs a safe place to chill from them when Mom can’t referee.

4. Baby Lullaby CD for Car

I ended up opting for some simple piano baby lullaby CD’s to keep in the car because I preferred the convenience of being able to keep it in the car at all times and turn on her calming music with the press of a button when she was tired or fussy in the car. I personally enjoyed this more than trying to fidget with my phone to find the kiddy playlist while driving. And babies love music!

5. Baby Noise Cancelling Headphones

Our family loves to attend sporting events. The problem is that games can get pretty loud. These noise-cancelling headphones help protect little ears in a loud environment and even make it possible for them to take a nap.

We even took Hazel to the rodeo when she was 3 months old!

6. Lactation Tea and Cookies

I ended up purchasing this amazing, yummy Mother’s Milk Tea in BULK after Hazel was born and drank it constantly when I went back to work to help keep my supply up. There are many wonderful, natural products available nowadays to help new Moms establish a milk supply and if you aren’t going to make everything from scratch then save some money and add them to your registry!!!

7. Reusable Swim Diaper

We ended up purchasing a cute, unisex reusable swim diaper because it is so much more cost efficient than buying packs of disposables. And when traveling to grandmas for vacation, throwing ONE diaper in the bag took up much less space than a bag of disposables.

You could also add pool toys and a swimsuit too but I found that I didn’t need them until our little one was walking. When swimming with our infant she just wanted to be held in our arms and float around together. A reusable swim diaper was perfect.

8. Corner Guards

Outlet plugs and covers are relatively cheap but if you’re going to get them anyway, you might as well get that discount! This child-proofing kit makes a great gift or is a great way to stock up on a few basics so you are prepared when you need them.

My personal favorite “baby proofing” item that was worth investing in though is this Corner Guard foam. A friend recommended it to us after searching for a solution for covering the sharp edges of our fireplace and it works wonders and looks great too. 

9. Toddler Travel Bed

Our kid developed a hatred for the pack ‘n play pretty early on so this Intex toddler travel bed was a go to. I love the walls that prevent them from falling out and that it fits a crib sheet perfectly. Very practical!

10. Steam Mop

No one told me how hard it would be to get dried baby food off a kitchen floor but once I splurged on a Shark Steam Mop for myself it really made mealtime cleanup a lot easier. My favorite thing about buying a steam mop once you have a baby is that it is chemical free! Steam cleans and sanitizes the floor so they aren’t crawling around on chemicals…and it’s so affordable! It has a reusable pad and you don’t have to use it with expensive cleaning fluid. It may seem random, but this is a GREAT out-of-the-box baby registry item to sign up for if you don’t have one yet.

If you haven’t created a baby registry with Amazon yet, you can sign up here if you’d like to get started.

I hope these unique baby registry items help you save a little money by planning ahead!

P.S. If you haven’t purchased your diaper bag yet, you should check out DYPER’s adorable diaper bag backpack that comes FREE with your first order of diapers! It’s hands down my fav bag out of the 5 I have owned.

Comment with your other great out-of-the-box baby registry ideas for new parents! 

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