Being a new mom comes with a pinch of sleep deprivation, a million steep learning curves, and a whole ‘lotta love!

And though that love may be the most powerful and overwhelming thing we have ever experienced, early motherhood can often leave us feeling discouraged, vulnerable, and alone.

Furthermore, culture tells us almost daily that we have to “perform.” We must be supermom and get everything right or we are going to fail our kids.

I believe God says otherwise!

Jenny Hartley and daughter Lyla

What You Will Find At Welcome To The Circus

At Welcome to the Circus new and expectant moms will find:

  • Encouragement that they are exactly the mom their children need
  • Challenges to grow in faith and godly motherhood
  • Practical help with preparing for a baby
  • Toddler parenting help and resources
  • Tips and tricks to make mom life easier
  • Real talk about the circus that parenting can be!

Let’s not do this thing called motherhood alone! Won’t you join me?

Getting Started At Welcome To The Circus

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Once again, Welcome to the Circus!