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How to Score Hundreds of Dollars of Free Baby Gear

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Living on one income and raising two babies is not easy! As a stay at home mom, I’ve learned some tricks of the trade for not only getting tons of free baby samples while pregnant, but how to take advantage of promotions and how to save on gear as well.

It’s entirely possible that I might take my passion for living frugally a bit too far sometimes. However, they say a penny saved is a penny earned!

For example, did you know you can add home goods to your baby registry after your baby shower has happened but before you redeem your 15% off registry completion coupon to get an extra discount? I like to use this hack to save on towels, linens, or any other small furniture items I’ve been looking at….

Heck I’ve even added gifts off of friends’ registries for their upcoming showers to my own registries after my shower to get 15% off of the gift I was buying for them. Too far? I warned you.

All that to say, I LOVE getting stuff for free! And I wanted to put together a valuable resource for pregnant and new moms because so many of my own friends have had no idea about some of these goodies. So I did! And it is jam packed full of good tips (especially for first time moms!)

Read on for all the details!

free baby samples pile
Just a SAMPLE of my freebie haul with kiddo #2!

Baby Registries with Free Goody Bags

Creating baby registries is an easy way to get tons of free, quality samples and baby goodies while pregnant! You can sign up for as many as you like, and you can do it for each baby, too. (A great way to ensure each kiddo starts off with brand new pacifiers and bottles!) Not to mention most of these boxes include diapers and wipes, tons of convenient travel-sized products, onesies, swaddles, and of course, the amazing registry coupons and discounts. Here are the top 5 places to register!

1. Amazon Baby Registry Welcome Box

Create a baby registy at Once $10 worth of items have been purchased (by you or someone else) you can redeem your baby registry welcome box (valued at $35) for free.

This offer is exclusively for Amazon Prime members. However, you are eligible for it even if you are on the 30-day free trial of Prime! You can sign up for a free Prime trial here if needed.

2. Babylist Hello Baby Box

Create a baby registry at Once you have added at least 3 items from Babylist’s site and 3 items from other sites of your choice to your registry you can redeem your free welcome box. No items have to be purchased but a $9.99 shipping fee applies.

Hint: I personally still feel that this box is worth it because the samples are high quality! But you can certainly do 1 or 2 others first before deciding if you could use more and if it makes sense for you.

3. Target Baby Registry Welcome Kit

Create a baby registry at and you are eligible for a free welcome kit (valued at $80 worth of free samples and coupons.) Pick it up at any time at the Guest Services counter at your local Target on your next visit.

4. Walmart Baby Registry Welcome Box

Create a baby registry at for eligibility. Then submit their online babybox request form to receive your awesome free welcome box in the mail.

5. Buy Buy Baby Free Goody Bag

Buy Buy Baby locations are not as easy to find as Target, but you can do a quick search to see if you live near one. If you do, you’re in luck!

Simply create a baby registry at to be eligible, then visit a Buy Buy Baby store to receive your free goody bag.

More Samples & Goody Bags

Motherhood Maternity

Get a free perks gift bag with your first purchase at Motherhood Maternity. (Hint: Commonly known to contain a Phillips Avent bottle, Herbal Essences sample, complementary Parents magazine subscription, and coupons.)

Noobie Box – Free Pregnancy Sample Box

Get a free Pregnancy Sample Box from when you pay $6.95 shipping and handling.

Box currently contains: Aquaphor sample, Chicco Pacifier, Cuties Diaper sample, Lansinoh sample, Purell Singles sample, Prevail sample, Upspring Milkflow Lactation drink sample, and Water Wipes sample.

(Hint: This isn’t a crazy amazing value, but if you don’t want to create multiple registries or are particularly interested in sampling any of these brands then it’s there.)

Generation Good

Join the online community and get the chance to request, review, and share about free samples of Seventh Generation products.

(Hint: I got 4 trial size packs of baby wipes and a laundry detergent sample mailed for fairly quickly signing up and answering some questions. You decide if the time and effort is worth it for you.)

Tips for Saving on Baby Gear

Join Diaper Loyalty Programs


Huggies Rewards program offers 10 points for every dollar spent plus extra points for taking surveys, social shares and more! Get points by submitting photos or screenshots of your receipts. Plus, get 500 bonus points when you sign up.


Pampers Rewards is super simple to use with their streamlined app! Sign up, download the app, and scan the unique codes on your packs of Pampers diapers to get points. I would argue their rewards system is the most clear-cut and user-friendly, but their products are a little more expensive.


Hello Bello, Walmart’s new premium baby care line, also offers rewards to subscribers! 

(Hint: Though it is difficult to find detailed information on their site about the rewards program, I’ve personally received incentives such as discounts and free items when purchasing from this brand.)

Claim $15 in hello bello bucks for free here!


Prime members save up to 20% on diapers, baby food, and more with subscriptions for their family. Join Amazon Family and get a 30-day free trial.

Save on Formula


Join Enfamil Family Beginnings to receive a free welcome box in the mail including monthly baby belly badges, free formula samples, coupons, and expert tips.


Join Similac Strong Mom Rewards to receive a free welcome box in the mail filled with free formula samples, coupons, a free shutterfly photo book, and nutrition guidance.


Your Pediatrician’s office will likely be happy to provide additional formula samples upon request. They often have samples of vitamins and other baby care items as well!

Get Free Baby Books

Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library sends a free book in the mail every month to kids ages 0-5!

(Hint: If the Imagination Library is unavailable in your area I still have a detailed post for you with suggestions on getting lots of free baby books right here.

Take Advantage of Promotions


263x232 FREE Diaper Bag

This new diaper company is trying to get the word out about their amazing bamboo diaper subscription service by offering some really great incentives with the purchase of your first month of diapers. The cost is $68, but when you add one of the promotions listed below this makes your first order a total steal!

I actually love this brand so much I wrote a full review here. I’m on my fifth box!

Current Available Offers:

Free Diaper Backpack featuring classic Dyper giraffe logo ($59 value)

Free wireless smart diaper SENSE device ($99 value)

Free wireless bluetooth headphones ($59 value)


This organic baby food company is also trying to get the word out about their new delivery service. The meals are healthy and delicious! (Hint: I recommend ordering the pie pack. It’s very good and it’s actually made out of beans and potatoes and berries. My kids love it!)

Get 5 free jars for trying Yumi.

Grove Collaborative

For new customers, place your first order of $20+ with Grove and receive a free baby bundle gift set containing Babyganics Bubble Bath, Burt’s Bees Nourishing Baby Oil, Grove Bar Soap, Water Wipes, and free shipping and VIP trial.

Get free bundle and shop Grove here. (Hint: This is a great way to stock up on non-toxic household cleaners before baby arrives.)

Mother’s Lounge

The Mother’s Lounge is a wholesale mom and baby product distribution company that works with tons of brands to offer steeply discounted maternity and baby products!

Technically these items are “free,” but the shipping and handling fees for these orders generally run between $12 to $15 each. That’s why I would prefer to be honest and call them discounted items – it still costs you something. Many are still a great deal! Some not so much.

The top 3 Mother’s Lounge Items I really personally love and recommend are:

1. Udder Covers

Use the code circusmommy to get $35 off at This is by far my favorite style of nursing cover and what makes it a great deal is if you get the gift set bundle for $39.95 (so $5 plus shipping) that includes re-usable breast pads and a nursing tracker bracelet with your cover.

mom with free nursing cover

2. Little Wanderers

Use the code circusmommy to get $60 off at Kids shoes are expensive! Even with shipping this is a great deal and they have absolutely adorable shoes for babies.

toddler shoes

3. Carseat Canopy

Use the code circusmommy to get $50 off at We’ve loved and used this for both of our girls (the Belle Original.) They also have the popular jersey stretch covers!

A carseat with a free carseat canopy

Interested in more? You’re welcome to head over to to see a full list of partner sites and use the code “circusmommy” at any of them to reveal a discount!

More Tips For Saving On Baby Gear

Thrift Shopping – Local children’s consignment stores do the hard work for you! If you have one look them up and check it out while still pregnant. Consignment shops often have monthly or quarterly sales where they clear out inventory for dirt cheap! But you don’t know this until you’ve been a parent for a while, so I am telling you now. Go visit, learn about them, and ask about upcoming sales. You will be rewarded!

Facebook Marketplace – another great place to search for gently used gear.

Registry Discounts – Don’t buy everything at first…take advantage of your registry completion discount. On that note…don’t miss out on registry completion savings! You can “add” items to your baby registry even after your baby shower has happened that you don’t necessarily want others to buy for you. Then it can qualify for 15% off. For example, I’ve used this hack to save on a steam mop (love for messy feeding baby stage) laundry hampers, towels, and baskets for my home etc.

Buy Nothing – Look for a Buy Nothing Facebook Group in your area to see what others are donating or getting rid of for free.

Breastfeeding Freebies

Free Medela Samples

Sign up for FREE for “The Mom’s Room” on Medela’s website and unlock free samples, tips and tricks, access to experts and back to work guidance.

Free samples currently include a Medela quick clean micro steam bag, breastmilk storage bag and disposable nursing pad samples, as well as a sample tube of Medela tender care lanolin.

Free Kiinde Breastfeeding Starter Pack

Get a free starter pack ($50 value) from Kiinde containing a twist pouch, direct-pump adapters, natural feeding bottle, active latch nipple, and coupon for a free 40 count pack of pouches. ($6 shipping fee applies.)

The Kiinde system is nice if looking for an all in one solution to store, organize, thaw and feed breastmilk. Then it transitions right to a baby food feeding system with the pouches.

8 oz Twist Pouch + Active Latch Nipple

Free Breast Pump

I love that Aeroflow Breastpumps takes care of the entire process of helping you qualify for a free breastpump through your insurance from start to finish. Get started by submitting their simple online form right here so you don’t forget!

Free Online Breastfeeding Classes

I have scoured the internet to find the 14 best free online breastfeeding courses for new and expectant mamas! Check out my post here for the full list and a little bit of information about each course.

new parents holding baby while mother breastfeeds

Postpartum Freebies

I bring up these postpartum “freebies” because I wish I would have known about them before giving birth to my first child. There are, of course, many more similar resources such as these available to new moms – but I LOVE these in particular for getting you thinking about taking care of yourself after your baby is born.

Earth Mama Free Postpartum Plan

Make a “lying in” plan, or plan for healing and recovery with great tips and practical suggestions on HOW to actually take it easy.

BRB Yoga

I love, love, love Catherine Middlebrooks’ online yoga courses for postpartum recovery. (Read my review here.) Grab one or both of her free trainings below after your 6 week check and ease back into exercise.

Free Yoga and Diastasis Masterclass. Learn how to safely practice yoga with a diastasis and how to strengthen your post-baby core.

Free Happy Hips Masterclass. Uncover the root cause of post-baby hip issues and learn how to create balance in your hips.

Hospital Freebies

Lastly, if you are planning on a hospital birth you may be interested in checking out my detailed post about which items you should take home with you for free for your postpartum care kit.

These are all my top current freebies for you! I’ll keep this post updated with all the best current offers so you might want to pin it below! You can also follow me on Pinterest for more great mommy tips! Hope you enjoy the pregnancy & baby freebies!

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